Bloomquist Residence Fireplace and Entertainment Casework [completed –  2011]

The adaptive-reuse apartment in a 19th century retail building faces Wright Square with a wall of oversized windows including a bold and unique-to-Savannah plate-glass oriel window that projects 4 feet into the square. The clean, rational design of the apartment, by the firm Sottile & Sottile, emphasized the commanding view of the square and the dominance of the grand 1890’s Tomochichi Federal Building, by architect Jeremiah O’Rourke, built with local Georgia granite and marble.

The client needed a built-in cabinet that would house a ventless fireplace, an entertainment center, and select pieces of their extensive art collection. The design enhances the existing key design elements and materiality of the apartment, but also more importantly defines the “other end” of the apartment by responding directly to the immense and welcome presence of the stone federal building outside and opposite.

photo credit: Richard Leo Johnson, Atlantic Archives