PRACTICE: Arabeit Studio is a process-driven design studio concentrating on a contemporary architecture of place, use, and idea.  The idea principally as an artifact of the creative process, the thing made, is an organic consequence of the two constructs—place and use—as they are focused upon by the artist within the creative act of making. The media used then is integral to idea, it cannot be separated. In architecture this process includes and concludes within the materiality of the physical building as it is the ensuing vehicle for otherwise undetermined space. The built thing, ultimately the built environment and its phenomena, is thus the next idea and unique to its place and use: a specific thing of its moment to be felt, utilized, enjoyed, depended upon, reckoned with, and interpreted.

Services include new construction, renovation, restoration, adaptive reuse, cabinet, toy, tool, and furniture design.

FIRM HISTORY: Algar Thagne Schreyer, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP, founded Arabeit Studio in April 2013. From 2001-2013, he practiced in the small, well-respected, and award-winning firm of Daniel E. Snyder, Architect, P.C. where Dan and he worked on new construction and historic rehabilitation and restoration in the pursuit of contemporary form and idea. From 2009-2013, Thagne was also faculty at Savannah College of Art and Design School of Building Arts where he taught architectural design with a focus on design process and media.

Before pursuing a formal education and architecture degree, his education was largely autodidactic: he designed and built furniture, refined his wood and leather craft skills, worked as a landscaper and carpenter, built and repaired computer systems, traveled the American West extensively, and lived ascetically: learning painting, sculpting, writing and music.